Getting IR35 right for your business

This information may be out of date, view the latest IR35 information.

Now that IR35 is in force across both the public and private sectors, it’s crucial that organisations have a long-term plan that will ensure their operations remain compliant.

We take a look at how business leaders should approach this.

Developing an effective supply chain strategy

For organisations managing their contingent labour requirements through multiple recruitment agencies, it’s important to have full visibility of how IR35 is being implemented across the supply chain.  

With the end client holding the responsibility to make accurate status determination statements, but the fee payer tasked with making the relevant deductions – formal processes and measures are needed to mitigate risk. 

That’s where Linx comes in. Our expert team will work with you to evaluate your supply chain and implement the changes needed to ensure all stakeholders understand their responsibilities. 

Independent auditing to ensure compliance

Our IR35 auditing services are shaped around how your business operates, and how you engage your supply chain. Each time a new contingent worker starts work, or an existing assignment materially changes, a new status determination statement is needed. It’s also good practice to periodically review your status determination statements to ensure they’re still representative of how the worker is engaged. This continuous need to re-evaluate and reproduce statements, means organisations need to have a robust process in place to ensure this is being compliantly managed. 

To do this, we’ll work with you to devise an IR35 auditing process – before working with your supply chain to undertake the necessary checks. With comprehensive reporting and evaluation, you’ll be left with a clear view across your supply chain, with sound advice on any potential risks or areas of concern. 

Typical solutions we’ve developed for our clients include: 

  • Internal process analysis and evaluation
  • Supply chain engagement and communication
  • Supplier audit cycle calendar
  • Agency worker payroll checks 


If you need support to manage IR35 within your workforce or supply chain, then our team are happy to help.