October 14, 2019

Getting IR35 right

IR35 changes how businesses engage contractors in the private sector, meaning businesses will need to develop a robust long-term strategy to support IR35 compliance.

Our team of experts work with global engineering companies to do just that, developing comprehensive IR35 strategies to understand how IR35 will impact their current contractor workforce and identify changes required to future-proof their business.

IR35 education and training

  • Online learning environment for colleagues to access 24/7 – helping to ensure that those involved in creating Status Determination Statements continue to understand the complex legislation
  • Dedicated refresher training workshops for face-to-face training
  • Long-term communication plans – to ensure that IR35 continues to be an active topic for Hiring Managers

Ongoing evaluation and assessment

  • Comprehensive reviews of policies and processes
  • Continual data analysis of contractor workforce – identifying any trends and focus areas for additional investigation
  • Key recommendations to ensure business operations continue to remain IR35 compliance

Change management and implementation

  • Working in partnership with you to deliver any ongoing changes required to derisk your business

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