Innovative solutions to enhance talent acquisition and supplier engagement

what makes linx unique


The best elements of Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Utilising the latest technology to enhance transparency and efficiency


Drawing on decades of recruitment experience to create tailored hybrid workforce solutions


Increased supplier engagement for a responsive and dedicated service


To assess, understand, innovate and implement
workforce solutions that enhance organisations'

talent acquisition, retention and supplier engagement
through modern technology, industry expertise and outstanding customer service.

About US

Linx like to do things differently.
At Linx we are dedicated to enhancing our clients' recruitment experience

We believe that the traditional recruitment options are too limited, too restrictive and fail to meet the needs of today’s dynamic and progressive organisations.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can disengage the very suppliers that provide the service, whilst managed vendors struggle to satisfy client’s requirements from both a quality and time perspective.

Engaging with a diverse range of preferred suppliers has a heavy time and administrative burden, as well as an inevitable amount of duplication and lack of clarity.

So, Linx decided that it was about time someone created a hybrid engagement model that encompasses the pros from each model, whilst eliminating the cons.

That is why we exist; it is our mission to create tailored workforce solutions that improve the way organisations engage with their recruitment suppliers and candidates, enhancing every aspect of the recruitment process from start to finish, saving time and money in the process.

  • Quicker job-fills

    Improve the time-to-hire

  • Reduced administration

    Centralised and portal-based reporting, invoicing and correspondence

  • Improved compliance

    Greater transparency and accountability, ensuring legislative and quality standards are met

  • Cost savings

    Benefit from economies of scale, productivity improvements and greater efficiency


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